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William C. Francis is a dual masters student in Robotics and Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. With a passion for Artificial Intelligence, he explores various domains such as object detection, natural language processing, and image generation. His notable projects include blind motion deblurring using deep neural networks. William holds an honors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Science from VIT University. He has practical experience in developing the perception stack of a self-driving go-kart and enjoys implementing cutting-edge algorithms. With a strong academic background and a drive for innovation, William is making significant contributions to the field of AI.


Shai Perednik is a seasoned Principal Architect and former Global Technology Leader at AWS, bringing over 28 years of progressive experience. With expertise in IT Infrastructure Architecture, Cloud, Product Development, Strategic Partnerships, and Global Community Leadership, Shai has revolutionized industries through cutting-edge technology. His visionary leadership in Blockchain and Web3 includes spearheading AWS’s Web3 initiatives, establishing strategic partnerships, and fostering a passionate community. At AWS, Shai drove strategic initiatives in blockchain, cloud, and migrations, aligning innovative solutions with business goals. He is also committed to community empowerment and technological education, evident through his philanthropic efforts and the establishment of PPE4PA, delivering 35k face shields across PA in 2020.


Victor Raymond Tabaac is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to leveraging technology to empower individuals and businesses. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of advanced technology, he founded a company committed to providing cutting-edge solutions. Victor’s drive to stay ahead of the curve and equip his clients with a competitive edge sets him apart in the industry.

As a CEO, Victor prioritizes the success and growth of his team, ensuring they have the support and resources needed to thrive. His leadership fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, driving his company’s continued success in the post-pandemic tech landscape.


Peter Mastrogiacomo began his career humbly and has always placed great importance on listening and understanding. He has an instinct for seeing the commonalities in problems, relating from where those problems stem. Because of these skills, Peter has garnered a great deal of success by simply opening himself up personally and professionally, sharing his broad experience and generosity. He knows where people are coming from because he’s been there and he understands how to get people where they need to go.

brian whitney

Brian Whitney is a distinguished leader in CRM and Revenue Operations. With expertise in data and systems management, as well as database design and administration, he excels in optimizing business processes. Brian’s technical acumen is complemented by exceptional interpersonal skills, making him an effective communicator and diligent problem-solver. Brian’s passion for personal development keeps him at the forefront of industry trends, delivering exceptional results in every endeavor.

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